Chateau Madelina


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This luxury modern home seamlessly marries elements of contemporary design with a delicate nod to French-inspired aesthetics, creating a harmonious haven. As you step inside, soaring ceilings usher in an abundance of natural light, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and connecting the interior with outside views. Custom millwork adorns every corner, adding an air of sophistication to each space, while bespoke high-end lighting fixtures cast a warm and inviting glow throughout.
Step into the heart of luxury living within the expansive, open living room. Stretching generously beneath soaring ceilings, the living room is a masterpiece of architectural design. Three sets of modern-inspired French doors seamlessly blend the indoors with the outside world, unveiling breathtaking panoramic views that highlight every season. The focal point is a large custom concrete fireplace, meticulously accented with custom tilework. This commanding centerpiece not only exudes warmth but also serves as a symbol of the home’s dedication to both form and function. It’s a living space that invites nature’s beauty to become an integral part of everyday life, creating an environment where serenity is rediscovered.
Within this high-end chef’s kitchen, culinary dreams come to life amidst an atmosphere of pure sophistication. A stunning marble backsplash serves as a backdrop and is a work of art in and of itself. Elegant sconces and pendant lighting create a warm, inviting ambiance, casting a soft glow on the meticulously designed space. The heart of this kitchen is an expansive island where guests naturally gravitate, providing the picture-perfect setting for gatherings. Its generous surface offers ample room for both food preparation and casual dining, making it the center of festivities.
The chef’s kitchen, a true culinary masterpiece, is a blend of form and function, boasting top-of-the-line appliances and an exquisite layout. A custom hood makes a statement, and serves as a focal point. This residence is a testament to the artful fusion of modern convenience and timeless elegance, where the interplay of light, space, and custom craftsmanship creates an ambiance that is both inviting and inspiring, ensuring an unparalleled living experience.
A circular breakfast room presents a unique design with a sense of timeless sophistication, offering a contemporary twist on classical aesthetics. The room welcomes in plenty of natural light, courtesy of the windows that wrap around its circular perimeter. These windows offer views of the outdoor landscape, transforming every meal into a scenic experience. A second, formal dining space provides the opportunity to dine in elegance, where every meal becomes a masterpiece.
Every aspect of this custom utility room, from its tailored cabinetry to its high-tech appliances, has been expertly crafted to streamline daily tasks while maintaining a sense of elegance. An exquisitely appointed bar redefines the art of entertainment. From the custom bar itself to the handpicked glassware and premium spirits, this space creates an ambiance of sophistication. These two spaces serve as a testament to Stoneledge Properties’ commitment to blending functionality and beauty, ensuring that every aspect of living here is a true embodiment of elegance and luxury.
The second floor speaks for itself, with a custom-designed bunk room that redefines the art of shared space. This room not only maximizes the quantity of guests but also the quality of rest. The rich woodwork and tasteful accents exude sophistication and attention to detail. Even in shared spaces, every detail can be meticulously tailored to provide both comfort and aesthetic pleasure, ensuring a restful and memorable stay for all.