Everyday Escape

In the heart of Augusta Road, a true masterpiece awaits—a custom-built modern farmhouse-style home that effortlessly captures curbside charm, inviting guests to step into a realm where architectural ingenuity meets timeless elegance. A true everyday escape.

An all-white kitchen adorned with custom cabinets, where every culinary adventure is a work of art, illuminated by unique, gold light fixtures that cast an inviting glow throughout the space.

The home is adorned with fine details that exude refinement, from the intricate wallpaper that adds depth and character to every hallway and room, to the meticulously crafted moldings and trim that elevate the space to a realm of timeless elegance.
This house is the perfect blend of innovation and design in every corner. Ascend the staircase where large windows welcome natural light illuminating the exquisite details from top to bottom.

Transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. The laundry room becomes a vibrant sanctuary with daring hot pink cheetah wallpaper, injecting a playful energy into the chore of everyday living. The intricate tile work adds a touch of sophistication and flair.

The outdoor living space effortlessly intertwines with the interior, creating a seamless transition between indoor comfort and outdoor relaxation. Complete with a luxurious plunge pool, meticulously manicured yard, and a specialty bar featuring a glass top garage door, this outdoor oasis invites you to unwind in style while enjoying the serene beauty of nature.